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Find all the Details about the upcoming schedules... updated from time to time. Get the details of what is a particular Course and more info is always available at your nearest center.

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Robo Wizards for Higherschool Students


Fast Track Courses @ Vsp & Hyd


A Day with Robot @ Lebenshilfe for Spl Children


PAP @ International Schools in Hyd & Vsp


SAP @ Oxford Talent School


Certificate Distribution to Summer and First Seasonal Batch
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Program Explanations

Go Robotics              (18 hr  -  Weekend Summer Camp)

An 18 hour program to give what is the fist hint to the child. A wonderful package for everyone who is interested to have a Jump Start in the field of Robotic Education. 

Understand through STEM Technologies. Work from the basics, 

Robo Champ            (30 hr  -  2 Weeks Summer Camp)

Do you want something more? After Go Robotics, this will give you much deeper look at Robotics. You will satisfy your Hunger for Robotics much more than the 18 hr Go Robotics Program. You will also have an entry in the Programing Skills. You will love yourself for doing many more and wonderful Robots down the Line.

Spread across 2 weeks, this is the best Package if you are looking for a Summer Camp that will really cherish your passion towards Robotics !

Junior Scientist         (50+36 hr Power Packed Robotic Course)

The Perfect dose at the Perfect age. You will really repent if you have not taken the advantage of this program.

Starting from the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in Robotics, you will be understanding why and how each will be working, why it is Implemented like that!, what if? Why not like this? How about that? and many many more queries answered through this Program.

We Parents are grown up, now feel bad that we have not got these kind of educations at our age... 

Sorry guys, this is Strictly only for Children! This is their world, Their Paradise!  Their world of Robotic Colors.

Do you want to know what they have gained ?!?  Then you have to wait for the next Robo Carnival to see what this Young Scientists have done!

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