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Constant Activities are the Fuel for the Engine of the Mind, Body & Soul.

At Academy of Robotics, we are in constant thirst to create new Events, new Activities, new Horizons to reach and so on to provide the best and most interesting stay for the Students.

Events include, Education, Development, Research in the field of Robotics.

You will not only be amazed, but also, will await to know whats there next for your kid and even further, for you too !

Events include but not limited to:

  • Robotics Educations
  • Robotic Competitions
  • Carnivals
  • Educational Fares
  • IRO & WRO
  • many many many many more... ... ...

Check our Schedules to start off.

(always reach your nearest center to get the complete list).

Scroll down to see our activities and live experience of the happenings @ Academy of Robotics



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