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Age Group: 6 ~ 14 years

Every Child has a Dormant Scientist inside. Its our responsibility as a Parent to identify it and give it an Identity! It is imperative to awaken the dormant faculties of the child and give their skills and talent a space, an opportunity & a playground to grow!

Their Brains are the most active receptors of what ever we give them. So, think twice before giving anything. Give nothing but the best. You will find all that is required in this Section.

We have to let them understand what they are!

"Children are our future we must take care of them with maximum effort"    - Naomi Campbell 

Academy of Robotics  provides platform with many tailor made modules to suit every child to develop abilities in various Sciences. Not Just Robotics !

STEM is the Technology that is implemented in teaching Robotics for children globally.

STEM Education Model that is implemented in Robotic Education @ Academy of Robotics.
                  S - Science
                  T - Technology
                  E - Engineering
                  M - Math

more about STEM Education...

Junior Scientists Programs:

Rightly Named for the Real Little Scientists. (Age Group 7+) A variety of courses are available to let the child develop his internal Skills and capabilities.

Every Child has a lot of Creative Abilities. Bringing them out is our Mission!  our Courses working down the line in improving their Creative Visualization and Reverse Engineering.

Come to the nearest Center to witness what is there in reserve for you!

Dont ever miss it. This is once for a Life time!  A Childhood crossed is never returned!

Various Programs:

- Junior Scientists    (50+ hrs)
- Robo Champs     (30+ hrs)
- Go Robotics        (18+ hrs)
       and many more... ...



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